How to use this

Start with this question:

What would you like to get done effortlessly and automatically every week?

DM me on Twitter and I’ll help you design the first couple containers for your life.

From there, you can expand out as much as you want.

I run my whole life via co-lifing, and 40-hour work weeks really feel like a pool party every day 🏖

Everything is laid out, I just show up in various containers, and stuff effortlessly happens.

What’s co-lifing?

Co-lifing is the practice and set of guidelines for creating effortless containers in your life to have its most important bits done reliably, socially, and enjoyably.

It departs from co-working by dropping the coercive & accountability bits, and doubling down on salience, effortlessness, and meaningful social connection.

As I like to say:

Don’t work your relationships. Make your relationships workable.

With co-lifing, it feels less like I’m working for a better life, and it feels more like I’m living my work away.

How it started

the samsara wheel of productivity.

I tried GTD, pomodoros, eating my frog first, non-coercion—everything, yet I found myself back at the same place.

  • I had a broken productivity system.
  • And it never really felt like I wanted it to.

I had these tensions between:

  • “success takes hard work”   vs   “the liberation of each second”
  • hanging out with friends   vs   working on my dreams
  • motivation   vs   discipline

Co-working was one solution, but it didn’t go far enough.

Over the pandemic of 2020, I ended up having a 10/10 social life and more effortlessly and lovingly productive than I’d ever been.

I’ve waited most of the year to share this, because I hate sharing stuff that doesn’t work sustainably for me. I’m slowly start posting more publicly if it seems it’s working for other people too.